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One of the most commonly asked questions about stretch marks is, do they go away. It’s not surprising seeing as so many people are affected by stretch marks. Over 80% of women and over 50% of teenagers (both boys and girls) and affected by stretch marks. Often associated with pregnancy more and more people are realizing it can affect people from many walks of life, including men.

creams that reduce stretch marksStretch marks happen when there is a dramatic change to your body your skin is unable to react to. It can’t grow quick enough so it stretches and in this stretching it weakens, damaging the proteins and blood vessels underneath. This leads to ugly scar like indentations on your skin which, while harmful, do not look good.

Stretch marks can occur all over the body but most commonly on the abdomen, upper thighs and back. They can be very noticeable and lead to a loss of self confidence, especially in younger people.

Stretch Marks Fading

Stretch marks start off being bright red of purple. They look painful and while they don’t really cause health issues they can look very bad. After some time the marks will begin to fade and adapt to your natural skin color, they normally end up white or silver.

While this fading does make them less noticeable they don’t truly go away. If you get sunburnt on tan they become very noticeable as the white sticks out. While your body can heal from remarkable things it struggles when it comes to stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatments

topical treatments for belly stretch marksIf you’re trying to make your stretch marks really go away you’ll need to look at some treatments. There are topical medicines, surgeries and even home remedies. The truth is a lot of the treatments will not make stretch marks completely disappear but instead will help cover them up, or reduce them.

Pulse Dye Laser Surgery is one of the most effective treatments around. It works by targeting the blood vessels with an intense light beam that heats up the area and destroys it. This method is expensive but you can see some results.

However will all the treatments they are slow and can be ineffective. You’ll find a lot of the home remedies will have no impact and creams/ lotions/ oils containing Vitamin A will reduce but not remove stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Removal

The truth is it’s very difficult to remove stretch marks. There are new advances in the field of skin care every year but as on now you’re looking at full elective surgery to cover up the marks.

The methods available are able to cover up and mask the stretch marks though, speak to your dermatologist and find the best method available for your skin today.